Renovation services in Barcelona

Renovation services in Barcelona. Interior design, reform, painting, exterior design Barcelona.

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Renovation services in Barcelona

I offer professional renovation services in Barcelona and its surroundings, apartments, commercial premises, houses and interior design with quality materials. Among the services offered we highlight: home renovations, painting, plastering, screeds, installation of ceramic floors and wall tiles, laying parquet, etc. We are flexible and adapt to any situation.
The prices of the reforms are negotiable depending on the complexity of the work. We try to establish an execution plan according to the budget of each beneficiary.

Reformas de Pisos


Servicios Inmobiliarios Maresme


Servicios Inmobiliarios Maresme


Servicios Inmobiliarios Maresme


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Renovation services in Barcelona

My company's portfolio includes over 100 reference projects such as house renovations, company headquarters, commercial spaces, holiday homes, swimming pools, hotels. This does not mean that we are limited to these types of projects! My team is at your disposal at any time, for any project.


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